Ettore Brass Channel End Clips ensure that the squeegee rubber is fixed at both ends so the rubber is always at the correct tension to lay flat across the glass.

End Clips also tension the rubber which makes the Squeegee easier to use and improves performance.

How many do you need? On a 6″ 15cm Channel you need just one. For all other sizes you need two

Can you reuse them? Most window cleaners just discard them once used. However, if they are not damaged and still grip the rubber they can be used again.


Remove the old rubber by pulling the end of the rubber, as you do so the old clip should become visible. Discard the old clip. Now pull the rubber through the channel from the other side – so removing the old Rubber and the other old End Clip – and discard both. The new Rubber should be 6mm longer than the Channel. Insert the new rubber through the Channel. Fit a new end clip on the rubber at one end. Leave about 3mm between the end of the rubber and the collar of the end clip.

Push the end clip into the channel. Pull the rubber at the other end so that it extends enough to fit the second end clip, again leaving 3mm between the collar of the end clip and the end of the rubber. Press the second end clip into the channel. If the rubber is not tensioned correctly, gently pull the rubber from one end, increase the distance between the end of the rubber and the collar of the end clip. Repeat at the other end if necessary.


Ettore Clips For Channels